Your cats have the whole house to roam, lots of amenities, attention and stimulation, exercise and love!  

                                                                                A vet is always on call for any emergencies.

                                                                       Pet CPR Certified


I offer this service for your cats to be in my home because I love them, and because I’ve been so underwhelmed by the  catteries I found for my own cats


        No cages, here!    They’re part of the family!


Your cats want–and need–much more than a neighbor or stranger popping in once or twice daily to open a can and clean a box.  SO much more than being stuck in a small boarding cage for 24 hours a day with nobody even around from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am, hearing barking dogs, smelling strange odors, around  bustling preoccupied clinic staff.


Prices are competitive with  twice-daily petsitters. Plus, your cat(s) will have 100’s of times more room, security, and lots of loving attention and play!   A healthy, normal, happy life.  You’ll also receive emails and photo updates.


                    Contact me for availability:  602-410-9236.         



We needed to travel this summer and did not wish to place our cat in traditional care, but wished for an in-home setting with someone who enjoys and understands cats.  Our daughter found Jane and we are forever grateful.  Jane was so knowledgeable, kind and caring…she adored our cat with enthusiasm and grace.  In fact, when I arrived after 20 days to get our cat, she didn’t even want to come home, as she had been so comfortable.  If you are looking for a place where your cats will be played with, engaged and loved, look no further.  As the only [associate] certified cat-only behaviorist in Arizona, as well, Jane is your choice.  We will always be grateful  beyond words.     Lynne K., AZ


Leaving our ‘kids’ with Jane gives us incredible peace of mind because we know that she will treat them as if they were her own. In fact, aside from the ride in the car they seem to genuinely enjoy their time at Camp Cattitude – so much so that they only barely register our return!  I would recommend her boarding services without hesitation.     Dan R., Phoenix


Everything was just great! I knew my cats were loved and played with and cared for. When I came to pick them up, instead of running to me and chattering, like they would do with other people visiting them in my home, they either didn’t want to come home, or just looked with a ‘So?’ expression! They were obviously happy to stay where they were.      Larry L., Ahwatukee


I think this woman does ‘speak’ meow! My cats look and act great when I pick them up. When I had someone stopping in to feed them at my house, they came running to me, needy, and I felt terrible. With Jane, I know they’ve had a good time while I was away.  I found Jane to be honest, knowledgeable and loving to our cats.  Thank you.     Steve L., Paradise Valley

I can’t thank Jane enough, really!  While in her care they received so much love and attention that I wish I was a cat in her home. My male cat, Oliver, is a Siamese mix and quite a character. I don’t know what Jane did, but now that he is home he listens better and is not being so much of a bully to my female kitty. I have taken her suggestions to heart and my kitties are doing great! You are an Angel sent my way at just the right time!     Paula, Phoenix


Just wanted to thank you for Mink’s stay at your home. I know that she is apprehensive when approached by other people and aggressive when approached by other pets.  I was happy to see that she went right over to you when I brought her for her 2nd visit.  I was even happier when I picked her up and found her  sitting in your living room and totally at ease and not at war with your cats!  She wasn’t upset at all on the ride home and was totally relaxed and content. Thanks for your patience, love, and expertise. It was such a relief to be able to leave her in your care and not have to worry at all.  Thanks so much.      Judy K.,  N. Phoenix


Jane understands a cat’s potential for having fun, being happy and bonding with others.  She works with your cats while they’re in her home, and sends them home to you better pets.       Jan M., Phoenix


I hated the thought of leaving my beloved cat day after day in a cage.  I was about to pay to take my baby on the flights with me until I came across Cattitude. After emailing with Ms. Ehrlich, I went over to see where my kitten would have all the space he could possibly need, plenty of scratching posts, toys to play with and human affection around the clock.  She also sent me email updates every other day which kept me from worrying! After picking him up from our thirteen-day trip he was the happy, sassy, feisty kitten I left!  I’m so glad I found Ms. Ehrlich and would recommend her to anybody looking for a pet sitter. It’s more comfortable, more personable and all around a much better fit for anybody who, like me, was super nervous about leaving their feline behind!     Dominique H., Mesa


Jane has a passion and compassion for all cats!  It’s endearing to experience how caring she is of my two felines when they board with her at Cattitude.  She was also very thorough in helping maintain their feeding schedules and a joy to know.     Allison Jane, Paradise Valley


The ease with which the cats have achieved their re-entry is a testament to your skills and the great time they had with you.  It’s wonderful to have such a positive option for our beloved kid-cats. We will be sure to contact you well in advance of our next long journey.    Best wishes.   L.W. and A.W., Phoenix

Personally, I hate it when they call them pet ‘resorts’ or pet ‘spas’. I’ve checked them out; they just have slightly bigger cages, (‘condos’!) and there’s no love, no exercise. Nobody is there after office hours, either.  I was so relieved to find Jane’s Camp Cattitude.  It’s her home.  Their home.  24/7.  And she’s a cat behaviorist!  My cats were so happy and so well taken care of, there!   Now we’ll know where to put our darling cats the next time we travel. Thank you!       L. L., Scottsdale   


I needed a temporary place for my babies, a Siamese brother and sister, because I was moving cross country by myself.  After calling lots of places and knowing that they would be confined in a cage and not played with or loved for the transition week, it broke my heart and I grew more worried.  I came across Jane and when I talked to her I just knew she was the one.  She is so loving and caring and accommodating and sweet and simply wonderful! I can’t say enough words to describe the great experience, but she was a life saver! With free roam and lots of love, my babies were very happy and I had peace of mind. A true godsend!”   Melanie M. Philadelphia