As a professional qualified cat behaviorist — the  only  professionally-trained,  exclusively-feline  behaviorist  in  ArizonaJane Ehrlich helps cat owners worldwide to make their homes cat-safe, cat-healthy, cat-happy and cat-welcome by in-home consultation, by phone and virtually.

I’ve over 40 years’ experience, and professional training with academic, clinical and shelter background.   Do you know other cat behaviorists  who can say the same thing?

I can help.

If what you’ve already tried hasn’t worked, there is a better solution.  It may not be a matter of medicating your cat if the problem is behavioral.   Nor is it a matter of giving her up. 

I care about the motivation as well as the symptoms.

In addition to personal home services, I offer webinars and presentations, both nationally and internationally; classes for clinics, colleges and organizations, and  shelter environment enrichment programs and intake and behavior assessments.  I have also done a good deal of independent research on/with ferals.

I first studied ethology in the mid-1970’s, and love what I do now more than ever.  I’ve been featured on TV, radio and press (read more About Me).  There’s little feline behavior in a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) university’s curriculum; often, a veterinarian’s answer to behavior problems is to suggest a drug.  That’s why my role as behaviorist is important in helping you achieve positive results: a happier cat.

Please be aware:  anyone can use the term ‘Association’, ‘Institute’ or ‘College’, so do your research If your vet is certified in behavior, what percentage of that is specifically for feline behavior?  Presently, there is only one non-veterinary certification in feline behavior recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association or their international equivalents: that offered by the American Association of Feline Practitioners,     When researching ‘experts’, look for years–and what kinds and breadth– of experience.  To my knowledge there are few non-veterinarians who have had as many years in cat behavior as I have.

Please note: Because of COVID concerns, while I continue to do home visits if you’re vaccinated (I am), we can have phone consults, if you prefer.  We can video conference, discuss the problems, and you can show me your cat’s behavior live, or via your phone video.

*FOR THE FASTEST, MOST RELIABLE  RESPONSE, PLEASE  EMAIL ME DIRECTLY  (JANE_EHR@HOTMAIL. COM), INSTEAD OF USING THE FORM. (I don’t always get form submissions!)* Also, please note: as my Paypal account uses another email address, please use the form. Thank you!

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