You don’t have to give up your cat or resort to putting her on drugs!  As a professionally-trained, specifically feline behaviorist, (the only one in Arizona, as far as I know), I help owners worldwide via in-home consultation or by phone, Skype and email.  With over 33 years’ of experience (academic, clinical and shelter), having first studied ethology (animal behavior) in the mid-1970’s, (see ‘About Me), I can work with you and your cat to overcome so many problems.   

Have you adopted shelter cats who are having trouble adjusting?  Is your cat ageing and experiencing difficulties, or having a problem adjusting to a new pet in the family?  Is she showing aggression?  There are lots of kinds and reasons: play, petting-induced, territorial, maternal, intermale, redirected, or pain-induced.  Is he frightened of people, other cats, noise, kids, places?  Have separation anxiety?  Is being destructive?  Do you have a new baby at home?  I can help.  It may not be a matter of  medicating your cat if the problem is behavioral.  There’s little feline behavior on the curriculum of a student’s DVM university program; often, a veterinarian’s answer to behavior problems is to suggest a drug.  This is why my role as a behaviorist is important in helping you achieve positive results.  I’ve had years of behavior training.

I love what I do!  I’ve been featured on TV, radio and press (see ‘About Me‘).  If what you have already tried has not worked, there is a better solution.

In addition to personal home services,  I also offer webinars and presentations, both nationally and internationally; classes for clinics, colleges and organizations, and assist with shelter environment enrichment programs and behavior assessment of shelter cats.