Four Ways to Help You


Initial telephone chat:  no charge 

Contact me

(If there’s any problem with Paypal, I can send you a Paypal invoice.)


Mini-consultation:  20-25 minutes for  $45.00

After questions (the more information I have, the better I can help),  we can discuss certain problems that may not need a longer consultation


In-depth telephone consultation:  $100.00

This includes in-depth questioning during a one-hour telephone consultation, and email follow-up report, with  recommendations.  Especially useful for national or international  consults.


In-home consultation:  $180.00

This includes extensive questioning by telephone, a one- to three-hour visit to your home for in-depth discussion and observation of your cat’s  environment, and e-mail/ phone follow-up with  further recommendations. If needed, a follow-up visit is included.

Cattitude Feline Behavior

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