For 37 years I’ve helped thousands of cat owners and their furrs have happier, healthier lives.  Here are a few recent success stories from clients worldwide.

‘We cannot thank Jane enough for the help and advice we received introducing a second cat into our home. We had adopted Chance, a 4 year old male half a year after adopting Colby, a now 7 year old male.
Due to poor advice which we received from other sources, we struggled with the introduction of the two and another source already had told us that we had to get rid of Chance again, but that wasn’t an option for us.
We found Jane online and working with her made all the difference! A couple of calls and endless texts later, Colby and Chance love peacefully together. We are grateful for all the help we received from Jane…don’t know what else we would have done if it weren’t for her!             Lasse and Steph Binder

‘Hi Jane, I reached out to you 2 months ago regarding our cats Charlie (Siberian Forest Cat) and Wallace (British shorthair). We were having difficulties in introducing the older cat to the kitten. I just wanted to let you know that we followed your recommendations and within the week, we were seeing changes in Charlie’s behavior.  Fast forward 2 months now–they are existing peacefully!! (For the most part). They still have spats, but they are minor. we have even seen them show affection toward each other like nuzzling! I just wanted to say thank you. We are so happy and relieved!! ‘                      C.L., Tucson