Jane is a delight to work with.  I contacted her when I was introducing a semi-feral cat into my household.  Jane has skillfully guided me through every step in the process.  She wants to hear how things are developing after the consultation because she truly cares about how the furrs (as she affectionately calls them) are doing.     I am very grateful to have had her help!       Kelli Nachbar, Lancaster, PA

Jane is a wonderful human being who genuinely cares about your cats well being.  Never got the chance to meet her in person but she took her time over the phone and explained everything with great detail.
I have a one year old Savannah cat who refused to use the litter box. He ruined furniture, rugs, the whole situation was very stressful for him, and every time I turned around I was cleaning a new stained [item].  Now things are back to normal and he is using his litter box again. Thanks  Jane.      Cinthia R. Phoenix


Our seven year old cat, Butters, developed a preference for peeing on the bed after a traumatic incident when he was stuck in a room without food and water for five days (The handyman came while we were out of town and closed the door not knowing a cat was hiding in the room). We then added insult to injury by getting a dog, having a baby, and moving all in the same year…we called the local Humane Society and they recommended we contact Jane.  [She] gave us insight into the cat’s motives and gave us advice with real action items that we could implement right away. I was very impressed that she approached cat behavior in such a scientific way, I suppose I was expecting something more touchy-feely. We followed her advise and Butters has been much happier and now he only pees in the litter box. Jane has a teacher’s manner and she was incredibly generous with her time. It’s a year later, my husband and I still love to tell the dinner-party story of Jane, the amazing cat-expert, who helped our poor traumatized cat. We are so grateful!      Leslie, Scottsdale


I can’t say enough about Jane Ehrlich’s knowledge and ability to help us to create an environment to help one of our cats calm down and feel safe to use liter boxes. Jane listened with care and compassion, then offered ideas and better cleaning solutions. My couch is urine free, my cat has new places to ‘do her business’, a good feeding regime, play time and is learning to tolerate dogs ( dogs are being trained too)!!!  Two nights Ollie has come onto our couch near the dogs and went to sleep with her back to them! She took treats under coffee table while dogs sat right nearby and had their treats!!!!    I highly recommend Jane.    Catastucally happy.     Madi, Phoenix


An American friend (who is also a vet) recommended you to us, for help with our aggressive cat, and we’re so glad he did. We worked by Skype, email and phone, and the results with our Harry have been nothing short of amazing. He’s changed from a hissing, swatting furball of trouble to a warm, friendly boy.  ‘Thank you’ doesn’t begin to cover it. Jane, you were kind, brilliant, compassionate, an easy to talk with.  You have such knowledge, and we’re grateful.     Bryan and Joanna, Sydney, Australia    



After years of frustration over why I could not get my beautiful Kitty to stop urinating on my carpets, I felt I had reached a breaking point. My 19 lb. male Maine Coon, Isaac, is a loved member of my family, and my heart ached at the idea of giving him away.  I thought I had tried everything, but to no avail; until I met Jane. Jane Ehrlich with Cattitude Feline Behavior turned everything around for my beautiful little family.  She is knowledgeable and truly had Isaac’s best interests in mind. She generously offered her time and expertise to figure out what was really causing the issue.  After implementing each of her suggestions, Isaac is FINALLY only using the litter box when he goes to the bathroom, but most importantly, he is HAPPY!  With my husband, three kids, two dogs and a cat, it is a relief to know that now, we can all be happy. Thank you, Jane! We truly appreciate what you  do!      Kristen, Phoenix    


Jane was recommended to us by our veterinarian.  I was having problems with Daisy, our beloved Siamese, who was being aggressive with my husband, and we couldn’t figure out why, although we learned there wasn’t a medical reason for it.   We found Jane to be honest, passionate about what she does, and she has integrity.   Most important, she’s very knowledgeable–her plan for us and for Daisy worked!  Our cat is now very friendly with Philip; it has been more than worth it for the time and effort we needed to put in.   Now we have a happy home!  Can’t thank Jane enough.      Philip and Jackie, London, England


I am beyond thankful to Jane, our feline behaviorist. I emailed her and within minutes she had responded to my plea for help.  The very next day she provided a phone consult and just with that call I knew she was the perfect specialist for us.  My two cats who for a year were inseparable were now showing aggressive behavior to one another. Jane walked us through the whole feline development, the possible causes, and immediately gave us tips.  We accepted all the tips and then asked Jane to visit our home.  Jane completed a comprehensive consult, visit and observation.  She helped us figure out ways to reintroduce the cats and catify our home.  Further, she gave us resources for play.  They love the toy she brought.  Within hours I saw progress, and within a week, my cats are back to tolerating each other, they are bathing each other, eating together and sharing their spaces.  I am beyond thankful for Jane and look forward to her continuous support.  She makes you feel so comfortable and responds immediately.  Thank you Jane for all your help and support.  It means the world to us.      Brenda and Derick M.,  Phoenix


We loved it! My team had really good feedback for your webinar.  Thank you!        A. Silberstein, Founder, CEO, Queenie’s Pets, Philadelphia, PA


My boyfriend and I recently made the exciting decision to live together, combining our homes and our two beloved cats. However, we were nervous about his cat’s aggressive behavior toward me and how he would get along with my cat.  Mac had often scratched or bit me until drawing blood, even when unprovoked. He used to watch me as I slept and hit my face with his paw when I woke up– talk about thinking your cat is out to get you!   His behavior caused a rift in our home and lead to unpleasant conversations, we were at our wits end!  That is, until we connected with Jane. Jane helped us better understand Mac’s language by providing us with a clear idea of what our home looked like from Mac’s perspective and how to best approach his needs. After two phone consultations and a month’s time, we are elated to say that Mac is one happy cat! Now he sweetly rubs against me, greets me with head butts, and found a partner in crime in my cat. It is amazing to see his personality unfurl for the first time in 3 years;  all thanks to Jane and her cat magic. Her methods work and did not require massive changes to our lives or visits to the vet. We highly recommend Jane to anyone experiencing a “cat from hell” situation— she is kind, patient, and full of time- tested ideas and experience. Truly, not only have you helped us create harmony in our home, but the relationship I have with [my husband]  has strengthened as a result.     Liz H., Phoenix


Thank you again for coming up…The staff and I enjoyed the training very much!     Chandra,  Director,  Humane Society of Central Arizona


Our girl, Moushi, came with a trauma history. She managed fairly well with an older cat companion but struggled when he died, and began doing things we’d never witnessed in our 25 years of cat ownership. She scrunched up bath mats after using the box, hid constantly, would not let us touch her, would not play, suckled herself, was hypervigilant and consistently moped… A pet food store employee recommended Jane and her help has transformed Moushi. We followed every one of Jane’s recommendations even though we met a few with skepticism! Some solutions were as easy as changing the type of litter we used. Others required a bit of effort, consistency and veterinary assistance…that made a world of difference…Moushi will always be a bit odd but she now runs with her tail up, chases and plays with her new kitty companion, allows me to pet her, and happily watches birds, rabbits and squirrels from her catio. We are so very grateful to Jane for helping all of us, feline and human.     M.C., Cave Creek, AZ

I rescued my cat Nim about 6 months ago, it has been just me and her since then. Recently I happened to come across a box in a parking lot with a little black puff ball inside. It was about 100 degrees and someone had abandoned a little baby kitten only about 5 weeks old. I brought the kitten home and introduced her to my resident cat Nim. The kitten was excited however Nim was very unpleased and aggressive towards the kitten and myself!  I didn’t know how to react to the situation due to never seeing Nim act this way before…and it tore me to not give both the same amount of attention.  After searching the web and nothing changing I got in contact with Jane and asked her for advice.  After about a week of following her instructions I came home and Nim was no longer snarling or hissing at the kitten!  I was so excited! ..and BAM now they’re snuggling together and sleeping together!  I am so thankful that I got a hold of her. My pets mean so much to me and I couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks Jane!      A.M.  Phoenix


We had worked with another behaviorist for a previous cat, but Jane is the best. She was recommended by a friend. We found her to be compassionate, wise, always made herself available, and has helped ‘Monaco’s quality of life (and ours!) immeasurably.  She expects owners to, a she puts it, be in ‘partnership’ with her; they need to be committed to the problem (in our case, aggression), and to keep her informed along the way; we liked that. Can’t thank her enough.     E and M. L., Ontario, Canada


Hello Jane!  Our little gremlin seems to be cured! It’s like she’s been exorcised! We took your advice and now she’s absolutely sweet to me–and to Wendy.  Last night we were even able to trust her in the bedroom with us, and today she’s in a great mood. She even sits in my lap and encourages me to scratch at the base of her tail. Just amazing!  We play Dungeons&Dragons with a group of people on Sundays. We were worried when they came by, especially since most of us are women and Bella doesn’t like women. But we let her come sit in the living room with everyone, and she laid calmly by the couch enjoying the socialization. We never thought we’d be able to share that space with her and our friends.  Thank you so much, you saved us AND Bella. Her original owner is ecstatic, and I’m glad that he didn’t have to lose his baby girl. We also are looking at a future with a loving kitty companion. She has NEVER been this friendly.     Katt and Wendy, Tucson


Ours is a household of a cat pride (5 males/4 felines) who began exhibiting aggressive behavior and spraying.  At our wits’ end and patience waning, we found a resource and an amazing woman, Jane Ehrlich.  At her personal home visit, we embraced her recommendations, were bolstered by her follow ups and now claim victory for a happier home.  Thank you, Jane!     Tom and Lloyce R., Phoenix


Jane is absolutely a kitty genius!  My cats were at war.  Long story short: misplaced aggression.  We were only a few fights away from irreparable damage, and would have to face the decision no pet owner wants to face: re-homing–but I was refusing to give up! had tried just about every reintroduction method I knew of, but there were constant  setbacks and I’d have to start from scratch every time.  I finally called Jane – and boy am I glad I did!  She and I discussed toys, techniques, vets, medications, and much more.  I followed every one of her suggestions, and I am proud to say that my cats have been able to successfully coexist with NO fights!!!  We still have a way to go – cats are smart… But I can  finally put down all the gates, and we can all breath easier!  Thanks Jane!!     N. H., Phoenix


We had a problem with aggression.  My partner moved in with two cats, and they got along fine with my two—but one of his cats didn’t like me!  I had the scratches and bites to prove it.  We consulted with Jane, at a friend’s recommendation, and she solved it all.  She was smart, kind, and very knowledgeable.  She was also very honest, and always there for us—a rare person. Anyway, everything is just fine, now.  Thank You!     Ryan and Roberto, Palo Alto, CA


Friends living in Arizona told us about Jane.  We were having a lot of trouble with our aggressive cat.  Jane had such knowledge and wisdom and a sense of humor too, which we appreciated.  Our little “Lasse’ has been wonderful, with Jane’s help.  We also understand him much better.  Jane has been a wonderful guide.           S. and L. Jansson, Gothenburg, Sweden         


Jane came to our house to help us with an 11 month old rambunctious and easily bored cat.  She gave us suggestions from arranging our furniture to maximize its use, to toys (one has become Lando’s favorite), and spent as much time as was needed talking with us and going over ideas.  As soon as I implemented the new play techniques I saw results that night! …we were happy at how quickly it worked. Jane told me I could email her whenever I needed, and believe me I have! She has responded quickly to my many emails and continues to offers help and suggestions.  As promised there was a follow up call within 10 days, and we were told to keep contacting her as needed.  We were extremely happy with Jane’s results and the level of personal service she provides is unheard of these days.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is having challenges with their cats.     M.W., Chandler

 My blind kitty started urinating in odd places. Bathroom rugs, stove, papers, my dogs’ water bowl.  I researched, I cleaned… Vet appointments showed nothing physically wrong.  We fought constantly about what to do with her. No one wanted a visually impaired and scared cat.  We moved to a new home, as well, and she became reclusive, and terrified of everything.  Jane gave me many suggestions that I tried. It has been a slow uphill challenge, but Patti is no longer urinating inappropriately,  she is coming out of her closet, and again letting my husband and me pet her and pick her up.  Jane is patient and is full of knowledge with regard to cat behaviors.  She saved Patti from becoming another pound kitty to be euthanized, to a kitty that is again a part of our family. Jane always returned my emails/calls, and always encouraging and supportive in our attempt to help Patti. If she could help us with our extreme issues, I know she can help others with their cat’s behavior issues!  Thank you Jane, for all you did for Patti and us!     Cindy W., Phoenix

You did such a wonderful job yesterday!  What an engaging presenter you are. Our task force has already added your suggestions from class into their feline stress improvement agenda.  The back and forth with the audience was fabulous.  I think everyone really loved the class and got a lot out of the discussion!”      S.K.,  Volunteer Mgr., Arizona Humane Society


Nicole was pregnant with our first child, and we didn’t know how to bring the newcomer home so that he and our two cats would all get along.  People have such dire myths to tell us, and while we didn’t believe them, we were still worried.  We were referred to Jane by our vet, and explained the problem.  She was brilliant. She helped us from before our child was born, through Nicole’s hospital stay, to weeks after our baby came home. She was smart, sensitive to our needs, and nice!  Everything’s just great; everybody gets along beautifully–her help has been invaluable.  She was always there for us.  Thank you so much!     Nicole & Brian, Los Angeles


Our staff and volunteers appreciate the time that you gave to visit our shelter…also reviewing our cat guide, and for the suggestions to help improve the overall relationship between cats and people.     Marlene Miles, Executive Director, Foothills Animal Rescue


Thank you Jane for spending time here at the Humane Society!  Your presentation about cat behavior was fun and very informative. We appreciate you taking the time and teaching us very valuable information that will make a difference in our shelter cats lives!        Lisa Gagnon,    The Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Tucson.