“With over 40 years’ experience and thousands of successes, I love my work, and love to continually learn about — and from — these cats.

Jane Ehrlich is a professionally-trained cat behaviorist who understands and works with cats’ psychology and personalities.

It’s extremely important to me to uphold the strictest ethical and professional standards.  No honorable behaviorist would guarantee results; each cat, each case is individual, and client commitment is crucial.  The stronger the commitment by both professional and client, the better the outcome!


  • 18 years as clinical assistant and feline behavior advisor; Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), London.
  • Studied/researched under Dr. Michael W. Fox,  internationally-known veterinarian, pioneering canine/cat behaviorist and bioethicist. 1973-1975
  • Instructor, ‘Cat Behavior and Retention’ online courses, Humane Society of United States
  • Feline Behavior Counselor,  Arizona Animal Welfare League, 2006-2009
  • Guest lecturer, Biology Dept., University of Cheshire, England
  • Speaking engagements: conventions, colleges (veterinary technology), AZ Humane Societies, veterinary clinics, shelters, rescues, behavior groups.


Media (Selected)

  • ‘Barking Cat’ Magazine
  • Burton Barr Public Library, Phoenix.  ”Q & A With a Cat Behaviorist’ (’18)
  • CBS, Channel 12, Phoenix;  ‘EVB Live!’
  • FOX TV, Channel 10, Phoenix;  ‘Pet Peeve’
  • KEZ (99.9 FM) Radio, 7/29/20
  • KTVK  TV, Channel 3, Phoenix; “Your Life A-Z”
  • KYCR Radio, National; ‘Animalwise’ (3)
  • Petcha’ (Catster Magazine – previously Cat Fancy)
  • Soundcloud: (https://soundcloud.com/thelexiconblog/mlar-why-do-cats-do-what-they-do)
  • Veterinary Practice News ‘Letters’ (Vol. 31 #11;  Vol. 32#2)
  • TIME Magazine, “Conversations March, 2016

  •  Wall Street Journal: https://www.wsj.com/buyside/gifts/gifts-for-cat-lovers-01667396671     (10/23)


 I continue to do home visits if you’re vaccinated (as I am),  or we can have phone consults if you prefer.  By video conference, (FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, Zoom),  we’ll discuss the problems, and you can show your cat’s behavior live or via video/phone photos.

*FOR A FASTER RESPONSE, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY  (JANE_EHR@HOTMAIL.COM) INSTEAD OF USING THE FORM.  (I don’t always get form submissions!)* Also, please note:  as my Paypal account uses another email address, please use the form. Thank you!